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SBS, established in 2009, has swiftly emerged as a premier provider of IT solutions to enterprises of all sizes, from multinational corporations to SMEs. Spearheaded by the visionary Mr. Samantha Gunasekara, a certified engineer with an enviable track record of 16 years, the company embarked on its journey with a modest team of five employees. Since then, SBS has grown exponentially, with a current workforce of 50, achieving remarkable success and recognition as a trailblazer in Sri Lanka’s IT industry.

SBS has successfully expanded its footprint beyond Sri Lanka, extending its top-notch services to the Maldives. The company prides itself on empowering clients to realize their full potential by creating and implementing highly robust and efficient IT environments. To ensure we offer nothing short of outstanding services, we have set up multiple branches across Sri Lanka. So far, our impressive portfolio boasts over 2,000 satisfied clients, including prominent institutions such as banks, hospitals, public and private entities, hotels, and apartments.

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Today, the company has a team of 50 employees and achieved growth and success, positioning it as a leading pioneer within the industry in Sri Lanka. SBS has taken its name offshores and is also offering its expertise in the Maldives. The company is known for helping clients achieve their full potential by designing and implementing highly efficient and resilient IT environments.
Our foremost objective at SBS is to deliver exceptional services to our clients, so we have established multiple branches across Sri Lanka. Over 2000 organizations have expressed their satisfaction with our services, which cater to a diverse range of institutions, including banks, hospitals, public and private entities, hotels, and apartments.

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to be the best and fastest IT and service partner worldwide…

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We are a global family with a proud heritage passionately committed to providing telecommunication and IT services worldwide

Meet Mr Samantha Gunasekara

Founder , Chairman , Managing Director

SBS, About us

He was very interested in technology and new technological inventions since his childhood and was
satisfied with experiments in such fields since his primary education. After studying at Lumbini College,
Colombo, as further higher education, he completed the High Telecommunication Degree conducted by
the City & Guilds Institute in London and improved his education up to Charted Engineer in the same
profession. In the year 1994, while studying, he joined PABX department of Adelphy Electronic pvt ltd
Colombo 05 as a technical officer. Employed with Samsung PABX company After a year, he was appointed
as a PABX (Alcatel) Installation & Configuration technical officer at Communication & Business Equipment
pvt ltd Colombo 07.In late 1995, again joined Uniworkers (Pvt) Ltd as an Assistant Engineer in Panasonic
PABX Division.


After this, in 1999, he took a two-year leave from the organization and worked as an engineer in charge
of the Telecommunication Division of the United Emirates, after which he joined the Uniworkers once
again. During that time, he had the opportunity to get good training on PABX on several occasions at
Panasonic Asia Pacific Centre-Singapore. And in the meantime, he also provided additional services as a
PABX trainer in several private technical institutes. When Uniworkers was bought by Softlogic in 2007,
Mr. Gunasekara was responsible for the telecommunication department as Head of Engineer and Head
of Trainer. On this occasion too, he played a huge role for the institution.

By the year 2009, with 15 years of excellent experience, he left Softlogic and started SBS.Com
Office Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. This business started with a small number of five employees Today, more than
50 employees are working and several branches are maintained throughout Sri Lanka.SBS.COM
which was the best service provider providing services all over Sri Lanka, has not stopped here and has
now entered the international arena very successfully. Mr.Gunasekara has already opened a branch with
all services in the Maldives and is hoping to expand this business to a large number of other countries in
the future.

Due to his excellent skills, he has gained a high level of trust among renowned corporate clients all over
Sri Lanka, with more than 2000 valuables to date. A huge number of customers are enjoying the superior
and quality services of SBS.COM And he has already been able to bring SBS.COM to the leading
position among the after sales service providers in Sri Lanka .The best example of this is that his wisdom
and leadership was one of the reasons for making SBS.COM the only service provider that was able to
provide continuous services even when the Covid pandemic. It is because of his skill that SBS.COM
has been able to become a service provider in a wide area such as telecommunications, security
surveillance, data networking, software developing, web designing and many more.

Mr. Gunasekara is a person who has risen from a small place to the top, so he is also a person who has a
strong passion for social services. Therefore, he has been providing his services as a Dhamma school
teacher for more than thirty years. Moreover, he holds active membership in several large social service
organizations such as Youth Club, Sarvodaya, Praja Mandalaya, Donor Council etc. Active Senior Cabinet
Member of 306C/1 Senior Member of Lions Club International District from 08 years as a Lion.He also
performs a very large division of responsibilities and services for the society. Although he was given the
mandate to go to a government university for higher education after completing high school
mathematics, Mr.Gunasekara missed that valuable opportunity and focused on this aspect of
telecommunication, where he had his passion and inspiration. He also passed the London city and guild
telecommunication degree which he entered next.
Even though he had a strong desire and desire to pursue new inventions during his education, he was
defeated due to economic difficulties and because no one came forward to support him.

But he was not discouraged by this and by teaching mathematics to the lower class children, he was able
to overcome his financial difficulties to some extent and become determined in his passion. During all
this he also showed his sportsmanship and skills by being a member of the village cricket team, the
captain of the school cricket team and participating in various athletics. In the midst of such hardships,
there are people who helped him on his way to victory. Among them, his grandmother, aunt, wife, monk
Sumanasara, Mr. WK Shantha, Mr. Priyanatha Fernando, major General Christian Jayasinghe, Mr. Nisbha
Ranathunga, Mr. Nalin Perera are mentioned.


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