PMS -Resort & Hotel Managementwith Invoicing | Payments | Channel Manager & Housekeeping

Reservations / Scheduling

Front office

  • Room Registration
  • Room Feature allocations
  • Define stay types
  • Define Reservations type
  • Different Color codes for room status
  • Integrate with online booking channels such as bookings.com
  • Room Reservations Schedule (grid view)
  • Related Reports

Guest Management & CRM

  • Guest Information
  • Lost and Found Module
  • Setup Automated Birthday Wishes – Greetings to the customer on their birthdays etc.
  • Customer Request management
  • Customer Likes and Dislikes identification
  • History & Visit schedules
  • Related Reports


  • Automatic Update of Bill value
  • Payment settlement from different modes of payments
  • Acceptance of payments from multi-currency
  • Settlement from multi-currency
  • Define the tax Rates
  • Debtor maintenance
  • Add Special Additions to the room bill
  • Related Reports

Offline Channel Management

  • Registration of Channel Members
  • Allocation of representatives / Guides
  • Manage multiple tours
  • Related Reports

Payments Management

  • Accept payments in different payment modes
  • Payment collection information
  • Outstanding payments
  • Payment deposit information
  • Payment age analysis
  • Related Reports

Booking Engine Integration

Online channel integration module helps you to link/integrate with the reservations made by and through of the online booking engines such as booking.com. Having this feature enabled will ease the operations of the reservations department since it automatically detects the channel that has done the booking with different colors on the main reservation grid/calendar.

Housekeeping & Laundering

  • Checked-out rooms will be notified to the Housekeeping department
  • Easy to navigate housekeeping grid view to check the room status.
  • Inventory allocation for each room at the preparation
  • Flat rate manual on time required to prepare a room for each room type
  • Automated checklist
  • Laundering Items
  • Laundering module integrated with main invoice.
  • Related Reports and Log details

Restaurant & Billing

  • Easy & User-friendly billing
  • Multi User Billing
  • Works well with All brands of touch terminals
  • Multi payment acceptance (Cash/ Credit cards / cheques)
  • Customer Loyalty card management
  • Promotion price setup
  • Discount as a Percentage or as a Price
  • Links with KOT / BOT printers
  • Table Order Management
  • Table Merging and Splitting
  • Bill Splitting capability
  • Integrates with TAB / PDA order taking
  • Day Ends / Night Audit
  • TAX and Service charge Maintenance
  • Transfer to the main room bill
  • Multi Level security control 
  • Many more management Reports
  • Monitor from any where in the world.

Inventory & Recipe

  • Products / Raw Material
  • Categorization
  • Raw Material
  • Consumption details
  • Recipe Management
  • Food costing
  • GRN
  • Stock LOT maintenance
  • LOT Expiries maintenance
  • Requisition Management
  • Location Transfer In and out
  • Stock Movement and Balance Information
  • Age Analysis
  • Wastage and Damages Identification
  • Multi-Level security control
  • Can view and work with information from anywhere you go.
  • KOT/BOT Tracking
  • Multi User application
  • TAX and Service Charge Identification
  • Expiry Item Maintenance
  • Many more management Reports
  • Monitor from anywhere in the world


Admin Module helps the authorised user of the PMS system to Allow, Block, Insert information on the
modules. It works as a backend user Authentication & Authorisation module. Easy to use navigation
allows the admin to create users and the user levels with the user privileges.

  • Create User Groups & Users.
  • Provide & Remove Authority levels.
  • Monitor User logs.
  • To do the needed editing requirements of the system.

Web Widget

Web Widget will help you to receive online reservations done from your hotel website. Having a website
would drastically reduce your rework and allows you to handle the reservation overlaps. The schedule
grid /Calendar will be filled with different colours for online bookings that are coming from your
corporate site.

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